Our Budget

We have money in the bank that we are planning to use to finance the whole 1 year (or so) in an RV around the USA.

Our original goal was to buy an RV or Truck/5th for around $40k and sell it at the end of the year for at least $30k to only spend about $10k on the rig.

Additionally, we are planning to spend about $3500/month to live.

All in we would put $80k in and attempt to try to get out of the rig for 75% and try to get our online income to cover the $3500+/month. Our master goal would be to end the trip having used as little money as possible – obviously, but probably somewhere in the $30k range – our goal!

We’ve instead opted to get a Class A with bunks for $60k (+fees/tax) and paid cash. Our hope is to add a few improvements so that when we are ready to part with it in 12-18 months, we could hope to get out of it for a little less.

Instead of what we had originally wanted, which was a 5th wheel bunkhouse with 2 rooms, a Class A might* be easier to sell than a Truck/5th.

As for monthly budget, we’ll try to update that here – for our own accountability and for those who are curious.