Oops, not so fast

Today was the day we were set to take delivery of our new RV. But as I often say “Some people have one of those days… *I have one of those lives!”

So we show up at our appointed time to the dealer. After we put a deposit on a storage space we’d need for the month while we move out of the house and into the RV, and After I spent hours getting insurance for the RV, we were all set to get the RV, show our insurance so we could drive it, and then take it to the storage unit.

But NOPE. After arriving, a tech came out to show us the RV and give us the tour. He mentioned how we were going to love the outdoor kitchen. (this is where the sound of the needle on the record player scratches and all sound comes to a halt)

“Outdoor Kitchen?” my wife and I said together? And there it was… the wrong RV. Yep, they got it all ready and didn’t even have the right RV. The sales guy who helped us showed up and saw that we were looking at the wrong unit and then we were told to wait while they figured it all out.

A while goes by and the story is – although we all knew we negotiated the price on that RV, someone wrote down a wrong # and we had a contract on the wrong RV. The wonderful finance guy says in his so empathetic way – “…so you don’t want that one?”

Now, when we negotiated a week earlier, we spent several hours at the dealer telling them we couldn’t afford it, and it had to be the price we needed it to be or we just couldn’t buy it. So they came within $2k of our price and we decided it’d be a jerk move to say “no, we need OUR price“. So we said “yes”, put a deposit on it and set a date to come get it. With one caveat. We were in escrow, but the contingencies weren’t completed. Could we have a week to hash those out so we weren’t stuck with a house that didn’t sell AND a new RV we couldn’t use. They were gracious and said yes.

Back to today, they were at the original price and said take it or leave it. It was a pretty lousy feeling. In fairness, (is there any fairness after that happens) since we were going to finance it, they said they’d lower the rate so that our payments would be the same as they would have been on the first deal. I’m still not sure if it’s a deal.

So, we’re hoping to look at 2 used RVs that are a lot cheaper to see if maybe, that’s where we should head.

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